Plant-Based Plates

A powerful way to protect the planet, public health and animal welfare! It’s never been easier to try a plant-based diet. And it’s never been more important.

What we put on our plate matters. Food production accounts for nearly a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Of those emissions, more than half come from animal products. By opting for more plant-based foods, we can help reduce our environmental footprint, protect animal welfare (both domestic and wildlife), and enjoy a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Plant-Based Resources


We offer free resources to support you in adding more plant-based meals to your institution’s menu, including recipes, promotional materials, marketing best practices, and sampling, outreach and culinary support.

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Plant-Based News


Stay up to date on the latest plant-based trends and news! We’ll share stories about leaders in the plant-based movement, exciting new products, strategies and newsworthy highlights. 

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Protecting the Planet

Animal agriculture is an incredibly resource-intensive industry – in fact, the sector is a leading contributor to climate change and is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport combined. Nearly one-third of global water consumption is related to the production of animal products.

Protect the Planet